"Those who tell the stories rule the world". Native American proverb.

Triboo en Everuse recycling

Marc van der Heijden presents his company Triboo and Everuse the need for recycling and upcycling of waste. This video is in Dutch.

Scholengemeenschap Reigersbos

Director short film made for Link Design's visual identity upgrade for Scholengemeenschap Reigersbos in Amsterdam.

kremer & company

Director of short film with Marion Kremer explaining her calling. She explains how we see organisations in transformation looking for new business models and value cases to create new possibilities and future success for the organisation. Startups and Innovators are successfully challenging the establishment with their disruptive ideas and next-gen business models. This leads to the need for organisations to reinvent and to accelerate their transformation. A fundamental change of the purpose is required in many cases. This has an enormous impact on their operations and on the way they cooperate and communicate with their stakeholders. A complex process, which in the coming years will increase because of transsectoral transformation.