The 2 Exercises That Will Keep You Fit For Life

My work consists for 80% of non-physical activity like, preparation, administration and post production. Like most office jobs. Every year we get older, we loose muscle tissue and we gain fat. It's just the way it is. If we don't do anything. Here's an article and two great exercises that help fight our demise and increase vitality. Burpees and rope jumping. No walk in the park, but very efficient.

Small steps, one by one. These burpees are very hard at first, so I started with only a few. By slowly adding a couple, every week, it's doable. Still hard but doable. People often overestimate what they can do in 1 year and underestimate what they can reach in 10 years. And these exercises are a great example. By doing a little bit, every day, the long term benefits are huge and worthwhile.

Marieke performs burpees and jumps rope

Marieke is owner and head trainer at outdoor sport and yoga centre Aan de Slag