Success Loves Speed

The brain has only one task; to help you survive. It has no other job. You may think that you are in charge, but you’re not. We want to belong to a group, enjoy respect of our peers, we avoid mistakes and significant risk and we protect ourselves. The brain is doing all this and it’s so clever, we’re not even aware of it.

The brain does not like opportunity; an event or situation that creates change. And the brain does not want change, it wants us to stay exactly where we are. We think we want change, for instance another job or partner. Or just about any other opportunity that excites us. But when we start questioning how to get there, our brain starts throwing objections at us. One by one. The first ones in the car on the way home. Then the second and third while talking to a friend. Finally, what seemed like a great plan, has become a dangerous threat.

The longer we wait, the more objections obstruct the view of the goal. That’s why success loves speed. Speed is the antidote.

Here’s a picture of a sycamore tree on the shore of Lake Garda, Italy. My mom used to sit underneath this tree, protected by the shade, and watched and guarded me and my brother and sister while swimming as young children. My mother, like all mothers naturally and lovingly do, taught us to always be careful and play safe.

The fork in the road behind the tree now has a significant meaning. The tree hasn’t moved in 60 years, we can. Since she passed away two years ago, I have begun to take more risk. Small new steps, one by one. Left or right? Safe or try something new. Despite objections I fabricate to avoid risk. Despite well meant opinions of others who try to help and protect me.

We need to begin more new things. Not taking risk is about the riskiest thing to do. And speed defines our success before time takes away our courage to move forward.