Five hundred portraits in 6 hours

What? Almost 500 portraits in 6 hours

Hundreds of internet, new media and digital technology professionals were lining up at my photo booth at an e-merce event.

This commands focus, energy and full on commitment to shoot almost 500 portraits for Getty Images.


At an event like this I am more than a technician / photographer / lightman / computer wizzard alone. Some people feel at ease in front of the camera. The majority is not. Perhaps you recognise this. You do want a good portait but you also feel uncomfortable. A bit like going to the dentist.

Up in the air

What are the main tools: a photographers' personality, enthusiasm, empathy and then expertise. Flow is essential: equipment has to work seamlessly and consistently. All of these factors may help that one shy man in the process to create that photo he or she needs and wants. Or the woman who never dares to laugh on pictures and then finds out that a laughing expression shows her warm and cheerful character. It is the capacity of the photographer to keep all balls up in the air while having a good time and creating content that makes the subjects smile. Images were converted to black and white to create unity and take away distraction accentuating feeling, emotion, expression. It is not all seriousness in life, here are a few images from that day.